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PaymentGateway Providers

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, A payment gateway is required to collect the money from the customer's credit card, and deposit the money into your bank account, payment gateway is typically a bank, or a third party, that specializes in payment gateway solutions, Payment gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.

You can also buy the payment gateway directly from the master merchant through their site ( www.ccavenue.com ). The only benefit you will get from Way 2 WebSoft Solutions is Customer Support and installation. While master merchant does not provides installation support other then the documentation, we provide you live help. .

We, way2websoft solutions offer quality Payment Gateway solutions with timeliness and We are authorized reseller for CCAvenue, the master merchant., it make us customize your requirement.

Payment Gateway Features

Fast, secure & simply the best multi-currency Payment Gateway in its most innovative and advanced form with powerful tools to complement your business needs.

Maximum Payment Options

Our Maximum payment options to make payment easy in all way, 6 Credit Cards, 53+ Net Banking, 98+ Debit Cards, 6 ATM Cards, 43 Bank's IMPS , 8 Prepaid Instruments, 8 Bank EMI.

Retry Option

When the customer's transaction fails due to reasons like wrong card details, incorrect payment option selected, bank downtime etc, going through the entire process of filling the payment details can be tedious and time consuming.

Multiple Currency Processing

Go Global, deliver localized buying experience and avoid conversion disputes. Collect payments in 27 major foreign currencies and allow your customer to pay in the currency they know best.

Multilingual Checkout

CCAvenue multilingual checkout page offered in 18 major Indian and International languages provides a wider global reach. It engages consumers who prefer content in their native languages resulting in an enhanced user experience and increased transaction success rates

Easy Customization

Customize the CCAvenue Payments page to the look & feel that suits your website. Upload your brand logo and modify the colour scheme to create a truly branded and seamless experience for your customers!

Smart Dynamic Routing

Imagination meets reality. Switch transaction dynamically depending on bank's performance to ensure consistently high success rates .

We will take care of your business solutions, For Quotation Please feel free to contact us

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